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What kind of company is Ultimate Value properties?
Ultimate Value Properties is a customer focused comparny whose mission is to he lp you acquire an affordable home that fits your requirements and budget. We buy, build, and sell properties that we own, and may provide some owner financing with some of our programs for qualified customers . We are not a licensed Real Estate broker or supervised lender; however, our staff has extensive experience to help you acquire a new home a long with contacts in the industry to ensure comprehensive service in making the home buying process easy and efficient.

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) Why should I use one of the Ultimate Value properties programs?
Because we make purchasing an affordable home easy and achievable for qualified customers. Our Rent-to-own program is popular because of the little money down, fiexible contract terms, extra time to secure financing, and opportunity to provide sweat equity (when applicable) which carl reduce the cost of the home . Qualified customers who select one of our home building packages may also obtain a "no money down" construction loan with a local lender.

) How much of a d ownpayment do
I need?
Honestly, it depends . It depends on the program and property. Our goal is to he lp you acquire an affordable home that fits your budget. Traditional financing requires at least a 10-20% downpayment plus closing costs For qualified customers, we can typically do better.

3.) Do I have to have own land for the Building packages?
Absolutely not. Our building packages are site independent and can be built on an existing lot if you have one, or bundled with a lot that we have, or we will help you find a parcel that meets your requirements.

4.) What is the price list for the Building packages?
We have a standard price list for a ll of our site independent plans, and we can help you determine the best plan and package based on your affordability and requirements . If we (or you) do not already have a lot, the total price may vary based on the lot selected, however, we will work with you to set a lot budget and help you find one that meets your needs.

5.) How does sweat equity factor in?
For qualified customers whether it is a home building package or an existing home, there is almost always an opportunity for you to contribute "hands-on". If approved as part of the overall plan, the "sweat-equity" factor would reduce the overall cost of your home.

6.) What financing alternatives are available?
For home building packages and existing homes, rent-to-own coupled with a traditional loan may be an option for qualified customers . For home building packages, a construction loan with a local lender may also be an attractive financing choice . Once we understand your requirements, we will work with you to he lp determine which financing altemative best meets your needs.



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